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Feel better very soon!!!

Miracle mineral Silver, Copper, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Non-Acidic Vitamin C, and Vitamin D-3

1 quart for $90  (with normal use usually lasts 1 month)  

1 pint $50   

Please Note: Shipping Fees for the Philippines; Canada and all other countries outside the USA for the pint and quart sizes please add $45 to the price of the product. We would like to apologize for the high price of shipping across national borders.  To order Quart and/or Pint sized in said countries please use below "buy it now" buttons with pre made shipping charges. Thank you in advance for your business.

Quart Sized $90 with shipping for said countries, click here:

Pint Sized $50 with shipping for said countries, click here:

8 ounces $30   

2 ounce $15   

Amazing New 4 ounce Spritzer  bottle 

Easy to Apply Spritzer bottle…can be used to spray in your mouth; on sores; bites; achy muscles; on hands to rub on your muscles; in ears for a ear ache; in your nose for breathing; the uses are endless for this easy access sprayer bottle

1/2 ounce $7   

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Went to the eye doctor today, was told my eyes are healthier now then they were last year at this time.  I’ve had a history of eye problems my entire life.  My eye glass prescription was downgraded to be less strong then before.  I haven’t done anything different beyond taking EME for the last few months…so I credit EME with helping the health of my eyes.  The doctor mentioned she expected I would need bifocals by now but instead my prescription is less strong! Thank you EME….Kyle W.

“I am going on my 14th quart and I can actually feel myself getting stronger and stronger, I take deeper breaths I have a lot more energy I can actually say it's the Fountain of Youth age reverser, it's a wonderful feeling to be in total control of your own health.”

Donald Stedman.

Donald Stedman-- recently I had a lump under my left arm, the size of a fifty cent piece and after applying EME once a day to it for two weeks the lump vanished.  Patrick is a life saver's and I love him…thank you

I am also a national distributor.

Ann Mcmurrain. , “In January, 2013 I was using two inhalers, a Nebulizer, and many prescriptions. I had Emphysema, C.O.P.D., Kidney Failure, Anemia. As of September 2015, my doctor said, " You are well. I do not want to see you again". I feel like a teenager. I have been drinking EME for almost 2 years.”

Duncon Malaneaux, I was born with Lupus. I have suffered with pain since birth, until now. In one week, I have no more pain. EME WORKS.

Dear Patrick, You are sincerely an angel, sent from heaven. God sent you to me in my darkest hour. That day last week, I found out that I had Cancer, inoperable, with four months to live. My heart dropped. I had totally given up on life when I got your Miracle Juice. A week later, today, The doctors were like I was last week, Devastated, from the difference between last weeks work up and this weeks work up. Thi week I was diagnosed Cancer free. You changed my life!!!!! I will always cherish you my dear friend!!!!! May God bless you and all of the people that you help along the way. You did bless me . My Cancer is gone, and I have a reason to live again. Love Always, Beth Cochran

From Kyle…Have been using less than a week for a few conditions so far my stomach issues have calmed dramatically.  The other conditions have shown slight improvement will keep using<p>

“What sold me was the day I worked until the wee hours of the morning.  My shoulder in so much pain.  I got home, shook the bottle up…poured some in my hands and rubbed it on my shoulder.  I went from almost tears from pain to a slight ache to where I could rest enough to go to sleep.”  Teresa Ann Dudley

J Johnson Regardless of the crucial benefits of such dietarily rare requirements as are contained in EME, the stuff just makes me feel great!! I have been drinking all night, the few drops of EME that were given to my by Patrick were invigorating, refreshing, and stimulating. My background is in biotechnical engineering, and I am well aware of the nutritional deficiencies of vital minerals that are corrected by such an elixir. I highly recommend Patrick's elixir both from a nutritional scientific point of view and from the vantage of personal experience. Try it , you will like it!!!

Mike Peterson, I had terrible sinus infections. I used to take Penicillin for them. after holding EME in my mouth for 2 minutes, the sinus infection was gone, and after getting drunk last night, I did not have a hang over this morning. I had more energy at work today than usual. I do concrete work.

Bill Williams After drinking EME yesterday I did not wear my knee braces to work today. I have had operations on both knees. Today both knees feel great.

Leroy Forest I use to be able to only sleep two hours at a time. After drinking EME, I now sleep 5 hours straight. I had a shoulder injury 6 years ago, and have not been able to move my right arm behind me past my right side. Now I can put my right arm way up behind my back. I am 66 years of age.

Irma Noble angel, since I've been involved with Electro mineral enhancement. my kids have not been sick and that's what I've used it for. Recently I had a bad ear ache. I went to the doctor to get the ear drops but it made my ear worse. so I stopped using it and I put three drops of EME a day for 7 days in my ear. sometimes I do it when I go to sleep but my ear is fine now.  EME worked the doctor's eye drops did not.

My name is Andrew, and for the last three years I would wake up and roll over and puke up, I could not hold my food down my gallbladder has been removed. the doctors did not know what was wrong with me. I have been taking EME going on 4 & a half weeks. I'm not puking up I'm holding my food down and I'm gaining weight. like never before wow EME.


About EME 

Mineral silver kills viruses, infections and ALL parasites.

Mineral copper develops elasticity and tensile strength in the heart; heart valves; veins; arteries & lungs. minerals calcium & magnesium oxygenize the body while building new Healthy cells; which builds the entire body.

Mineral Zinc synthesizes and fixes that which is wrong with your reproductive organs

Zinc also has an effect on diabetes and cancer.

Non-acidic vitamin C is a anti oxidant and helps bring the body Ph down to 7.

Vitamin d3 is also a anti-oxidant.

250,000 PARTS PER MILLION works internally and topically!<p>

One can drink 3,000 parts per million (ppm) for all the water one needs daily.

The only side effect is that one will have to get used to feeling good.

Sublingual (under the tongue) for at least two minutes of 250,000 ppm for most people brings pain relief in less than five minutes.

Topical use also relieves skin and joint pain.

Stand over sink, use 3 or 4 eye droppers full in each nostril to run down a sore throat.

Bend over sink, clear your throat and spit into sink.

This will clear the mucus out of sinuses and throat; and knock out sinus infection.  You may gag a bit but the problem will be gone.

Results may vary from one to other individuals.

Anyone who has made up their minds that there is nothing that can help them is absolutely correct!

Anyone agreeing to use this product is CANCELING that previous decision to get sick and die.  

Therefore accepts the new decision in perfectly good healthy.  

It is written with the faith of a mustard seed you will move mountains!

The word faith means having expectations that something will happen.

Expectation that our formula just might help heal your body can bring about Miraculous healings.

Health problems corrected with our formulas are:  ulcers; cirrhosis of the liver; asthma; emphysema; tooth ache; muscle ache; monthly feminine cramps; yeast infection; flu; diabetes; blood pressure; lupus; sleeping problems; Parvo in pets; rattlesnake bites; insect bites and stings; hangovers.

Most of these problems are mentioned in the testimonials on the page for testimonials. 

According to other researches there are 650 diseases corrected by colloidal silver.


About Patrick Lindley::

Patrick R. Lindley. I developed EME in the year 2000. I have been Making and drinking EME for 15 years now. I feel like I am very young. I am told that I look about 50. I am 72. I am very healthy.

This formula is being brought to you by Lunar Lite Manufacturing; a division of Summer Hill U.S.A. Foundation(which was set up to rescue hungry homeless children).

A division of the BeeLind trust.

Scientific explanation:

Lunar Lite Manufacturing- to you! Atomic-tonic-silver in a base of synergistic electrolyte, creating a naturally perfect antibiotic.

A DNA rejuvenator, non alcoholic elixir.  For the return of perfect cellular mitosis.

Pharmaceutical drugs only mask today’s symptoms, while the doctor hopes your body will heal itself. your doctor will tell you that your body needs plenty of proper rest; proper food; and proper exercise.

Everyone has a different metabolism and your doctor does not have time to program a life for you.<p>you are the one who has to make the choice as to what goes into your mouth.

Even at that in the past hundred years commercial farmers have not been able to maintain high levels of nutrients where they grow the food you eat.

So, if you are going to expect to have good health, we will have to take vitamins and minerals.

Because all of the mutated viruses going around, we also need extra silver to protect us from them.

Recent Research (Dr. Atkins) shows that each generation of mal-nutrition breaks down the DNA ladder making more likely deformities and disease.(down syndrome, etc.)

In the next generation Dr. Atkins also says not educating one self and taking proper supplements is very irresponsible.

Researches of colloidal silver treatment have been: the late Dr. Carl Moyer, chairman of the Washington University department of surgery.

Dr. Margraf chief bio-chemist; Larry C. Ford--M.D. of the department of obstetrics and gynecology UCLA school of medicine.

Dr. Leonard Keene A.M.M.D.- Johns Hopkins; Dr. Robert O. Becker; Dr. Bjorn Nordstrom--Karolinska Institute in Sweden; Dr. Gary Smith--medical researcher.

Colloidal Silver was approved by the FDA in the 1920’s and has shown to be effective in battling all diseases known to man.

Our formular is NOT regular Colloidal Silver!


Regular Colloidal Silver will turn your skin Blue!